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Why is a mobile presence important for your small business?

Mobile devices are nearly omnipresent in the developed world right now. I’ve personally seen users connecting to the internet in more places than ever, including the subway, the carpool, the lunch room and even the great outdoors. What does this mean for small businesses? That it’s time to jump on this so-called bandwagon and use it to our advantage. Here’s…

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Leader in LED Video Displays Partners with Eyesore, Inc. for Web Development

“Our company has done numerous projects with Zach and the Eyesore team. In house, we all wear many hats, so in working with an outside company on our website, it was essential that the personnel be self sufficient, quick responders, and effective communicators. Zach was amazing at taking the technical aspects and terms of the inter…

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Launching new newsletter & updated website for WISE Services

Thank you for your patience, guidance, time and talent. You’ve helped us launch our new newsletter today, and have vastly improved our website. Our newsletter is already at a 25% open rate and growing, and we are having great click-through rates to the web pages. We have already been contacted by one of our important…

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