Friday Introductions: Trey Jones

treyIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with any of us at Eyesore, Inc and asked us some complicated questions, you may have heard this one from us, “Let me talk to Trey about that”. Trey is our most senior developer and server guy, making him the one we run to with all of our tougher problems.

Aside from the bearded-man himself, Trey has been here the longest, netting almost 5 years with Eyesore, Inc. Originally a linguistics major, he took an interest in programming in Python and started his first home project: a lap counter for his swimming pool. The rest is history. Trey started doing contract work for us in 2011, then was brought on as a backend developer.

Being heavily involved in the majority of our major development projects over his time here, Trey has been an integral part of the team. Alongside having new and exciting projects from our clients, Trey is always pushing us into new and exciting technologies for our projects and internal processes. Trey keeps our experience here at Eyesore, Inc both ‘Interesting’ and ‘Fascinating’. He’ll say so himself, or to himself rather.

When he’s not hard at work being a stellar developer, he’s probably spending time with his wife, Tara, and his two daughters, Tori and Maggie. If you dabble in the online game known as Hearthstone, you might have faced-off against him. You may catch him running a few miles in the morning, or see him at the occasional 5k, 10k, or half-marathon. Oh, and probably working on his house, and I don’t mean just working on his house; he’s actually building his house, cutting the wood from trees, that sort of thing.