Friday Introductions: Zach Dodd

ZachIn his four years of experience as a frontend developer, service manager, and online security viking for Eyesore, Zach Dodd (hereby referred to as Zohgg, as well) has gathered mountains of knowledge that the merest of mortals can only dream of. The man, the myth, the legend, Zohgg.

In all seriousness, Zohgg has developed and maintained a few hundred websites in his ever growing career as a frontend developer. Dedicated to his craft, Zohgg constantly keeps an eye out for better development methods. Having mastered html, php, and css, he is currently teaching himself intermediate and advanced Javascript.

But he’s not only a developer. Zach, a dedicated son and brother, also has a wide variety of hobbies. Zach likes to spends his free time gardening, 3d printing, and playing video games. Opting to create his own fruits and vegetables, Zach has multiple rows of fresh produce he tends to on a weekly basis.  When he’s not printing neat little figures and complicated automata, he continuously improves his 3d printer by 3d printing parts as he needs them.

Zohgg, our mighty in-house viking, is prepared to raze to the ground any and all issues you may have with your website.