What Is a White Label Agency and What Are the Benefits?

Most successful marketing agencies reach a point where they either have to increase hiring to sustain growth or turn down prospective clients. If you’re turning down development work—either because you don’t offer development services or you can’t keep up with your current client roster—a white label agency may be the key to your growth.

If you’re not familiar with white label development agencies, we’ll walk you through what it means to purchase a white label solution and how you’ll benefit from the arrangement. But first, what is white labeling? 

What is white labeling?

White labeling is a common solution for agencies and development firms to expand their service offering for clients.

Think of white labeling as the development equivalent of ghostwriting. When your clients need a custom website or app, a third-party development team (like Polyglot Labs!) does all the heavy lifting and passes the finished product to your agency. Then, you get to deliver the finished work to your client as if you did the work internally.

In other words, white labeling gives you the opportunity to sell work to your clients that you’ll outsource rather than complete in-house. Many companies work with a white label development agency to complete some or all of their projects using this arrangement. 

What are the benefits?

White labeling is just one path for development firms to grow, but there are tons of benefits associated with a white label model. Let’s take a closer look at six of the ways white labeling can unlock new levels of success for your business. 

1.    Increase your service offering for clients

One of the most popular benefits of white label development is the ability to expand your service offering for your clients. If your main focus is another service area, like website copywriting, UI/UX design, or higher-level branding services, outsourcing development lets you provide a related service alongside your bread and butter. 

It’s a great way to land clients who are looking for a full-service partner and retain clients who may otherwise look elsewhere to find their own development partner. 

2.    Expand the scope of work you can feasibly manage internally

Similarly, white label solutions help you manage a larger scope of work than your internal team can support. If you do offer website design and development but you’ve been capped at a certain number of clients due to staffing constraints, partnering with a white label agency allows you to increase your client roster. More clients means more revenue in the door for your business! 

3.    Focus your energy on client sales instead of technical execution

Some business owners and teams enjoy selling ideas more than executing them. If you or your team members prefer to focus your efforts on landing new clients and nurturing existing relationships, white label partnerships make that possible. 

When it’s time to actually complete the work that you’ve promised to your clients, your third-party development team will take over and get the job done. 

4.    Get help when and where you need it

If you only need web development support for some projects, having a white label partner means you only pay for help when and where you need it. This gives your business a wider range of flexibility and allows you to scale up your work as needed.

You won’t pay the salaries and overhead costs associated with maintaining an internal team, but you can still get the talent you need to bring your clients’ visions to life. Plus, since your white label partner lives and breathes web development, they’ll likely have niche expertise that might be difficult to access in-house.

5.    Receive all the credit with none of the stress

Love getting compliments for a job well done? The white label model lets you receive all the credit for the completed work without any of the stress. 

You get to take great work from your outsourced development team, call it your own, and wait for your clients to shower you with praise. In the long term, this outcome also allows you to build a stellar reputation among clients and prospective clients. 

6.    Boost your profit margins

Last but not least, offering white label solutions boosts your profit margins. You get to set your own price tag on the work you’ll deliver to your client, and you’ll get the work completed at a flat, predetermined rate.

Without overhead costs or employee salaries, you’ll probably spend less than you would to complete the work internally while still charging your usual rate to your clients. Win, win!

Explore white label solutions with Polyglot Labs

Want to learn more about white label development agencies? Here at Polyglot Labs, we’ve completed countless white label projects for our clients. Depending on your needs, we can work as a subcontractor that your client knows about or offer full white label services that you can deliver to your clients. 

Contact us today to find the arrangement that works best for your business!