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5 Things Your Site Is Missing

I’m going to be real with you guys for a sec: having a website that’s functional and purposeful is the best form of marketing for your business. Your website is the first place people check for info about your business – what you do, who you are, how you can help them. It’s where someone goes…

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Become a Nerd! Basic Data Type Cheat Sheet

A basic understanding of data types is essential in computer science and programming. You have to know what kind of data you are dealing with in order to know what to do with it! Below you will find a very basic breakdown of the different data types and what kind of data they represent. The…

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How To Clear Your Cache

Let’s quickly cover what a cache is and how to clear it. So what is a cache and why do we worry about it? Caching is a technology that helps improve users’ browsing experience and reduce bandwidth experience. Caching allows visitors to have faster load-times when revisiting a site, hopefully encouraging future visits. The average…

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